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Vaastu Harish, a renowned consultant to thousands of people personally and also known worldwide by participating in news channel discussions & social media about occult sciences i.e., hidden technologies of our ancient temples, mysterious energy places, resonance energies, Numerology, Vedic Vastu, Astrology and life sciences.

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Especially he is recognized as 'Techno Vastu', because of his way of giving solutions in Scientific and Spiritual Combination. With his 20 years of professional experience, he invented and implemented a lot of innovative technological methods to solve one's personal problems. Even although having a license to give astrological advice to people, he continued his researches on our Swadeshi Technology in deep and bring-out so many amazing solving techniques and healing methods we have forgotten. Today, he is the one and only divine mentor to shows the path to fulfill the purpose of birth by modern quantum physics and ancient science Technology methods. Your voice frequency is your unique bio identification it contains binary data that represents you and only you. And that sound frequency will be in your surroundings. He uses some unique methods to heal the contaminated data that troubles you and porting universal pranic energies to your data according to your planetary transit or your own Karma. This 'Sage Technique' is invented by Shri Vaastu Harish and is in quantum for the benefits of mankind.

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